Chemical Cleaning Service

What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Why Use This Washing Service?

The importance of regular servicing and maintenance of aircon (AC) units is emphasised when an optimally functioning system is desired. So what is an aircon chemical wash, how is it different from regular aircon cleaning, and how will an AC unit benefit from this service?

An aircon chemical wash is a solution that is specially formulated to recondition and restore the optimal functioning ability of an AC unit. The detergent will clear all the stubborn dirt, oil, and dust stuck in the system, and kill off 99.9% of bacteria trapped in the system.

chemical aircon cleaning

There are two aircon chemical cleaning services: wash and overhaul. The former is known as a non-dismantle chemical cleaning, while the latter is full-dismantle.

If your aircon is regularly serviced by an AC company in Singapore 3 to 4 times a year, a chemical wash would suffice. However, if a unit has not been serviced throughout its years of use, an overhaul is recommended. Even if the AC is functioning properly and has not had any issues, dust, dirt, and germs are bound to be trapped within the system.

An overhaul entails the complete dismantling of the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) and the thorough washing of the unit so that even the grimiest parts of the unit will be cleaned and sanitised.

A chemical aircon wash is more methodical, thorough, and beneficial than regular cleaning. As mentioned, a potent solvent is used to remove every trace of rust and residue within the unit.

Air Filters

Especially when a chemical overhaul is done, air filters, drainage devices, evaporator coil, and condensers will be dismantled, washed, unclogged, sanitised and reassembled after thorough inspection and vacuuming of interior filters and components.

On the other hand, in a regular cleaning service, there is no thorough application of potent solvents to the components, leaving the possibility for deep-set clogged grime to remain in the system.

Therefore, with such a thorough process, your aircon will benefit from the chemical wash in several ways. Firstly, there will be improved efficiency of the AC system due to the removal of stubborn dust, dirt, algae, and mould.

Secondly, when you chemically service your air conditioner, the air quality in your premises increases. Chemical cleaning kills off harmful germs and bacteria that are trapped within the aircon, allowing for cleaner air to fill any room in Singapore.

Thirdly, this process extends the service life of the air conditioner. While conducting the thorough cleaning, major components will be inspected and cleaned. The inspection allows technicians to identify damaged components for replacement, and the cleaning reduces wear and tear.


Other benefits include the reduction of power usage and eventual reduction in electricity bills, acts as a preventative measure for future AC unit replacements, and it also prevents leakages.

Why Choose Skyzone as Your Next Aircon Chemical Wash Service Provider?

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