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Why is Your Aircon Leaking Water and How to Get it Fixed in Singapore?

The disturbing sound of water leaking from your aircon (AC) unit can be worrying for its cause might not be apparent immediately to an untrained eye. Is your outdoor unit leaking, or is it your indoor unit? Depending on where the issue lies, different measures must be taken.

For example, when water is dripping out from the Fan Coil Unit (FCU), the probable cause for this could be a clogged condensate drain piping. To stop the leaking, debris such as dust and dirt from Singapore’s air must be cleared out.

There are other common causes of a leak such as improper installation, dirty air filter, a damaged pump, and more. Similarly, there are other common issues that one can face with their aircon units such as abnormal noises and inconsistent airflow. For every issue, there will be an option to repair the unit either by yourself or to engage the service of a technician in Singapore.

There are a few easy fixes that you can do on your own to stop an aircon from leaking water. These include the cleaning of a dirty air filter and the replacement of a broken overflow pan with a new one.

However, for some of the other causes of water leakage mentioned above, such as improper installation and damaged pump, a quick call to an AC repair company in Singapore would be the wisest course of action. Likewise, with other possible problems, one should not be hasty in attempting to fix the AC by themselves without professional aid.


Why Choose Skyzone’s Aircon Repair Services in Singapore?

At Skyzone, we serve both residential and commercial clients. We offer a range of services such as installations, maintenance, and repair that will keep your aircon in tip-top condition. With our expertise and experience in the AC repair and service industry in Singapore, we pride ourselves on the quality services we offer.

Our scope of work includes the checking and cleaning of the front panel, filter, evaporator coil, and drainage tray, vacuuming of the drainage system, checking the outdoor condenser coil for leaks and more based on your needs with regards to AC servicing.

At Skyzone, we understand the complications and confusion one might face when faced with an inefficient AC that they spent money on. Contact us to receive the right service and maintenance work. We assure you that by hiring the help of technicians from our professional aircon repair service company in Singapore, we will ensure your AC units remain in optimal condition.