Maintenance Service

Why Should You Sign Up for an Aircon Service Contract and Maintenance?

As with any electrical appliances, the efficiency of an Air Conditioner (AC) decreases with usage. With time and usage, there will be minute wear and tears that can only be detected upon closer inspection. The only way to prevent future detrimental and pricey breakdowns is to have the aircon scheduled for maintenance appointments regularly.

When a technician from an aircon service company in Singapore conducts the general servicing, water leakages and choked drainage systems can be detected and prevented. Regular maintenance is also vital for maintaining a consistent air-flow. The quality of air that is circulating the premise will also be cleaner as the surrounding air will be filtered properly and effectively. A bonus will be a reduction of power usage as your AC unit will not have to overwork itself to remove heat and moisture from the space.

To have an AC system working at its optimum capacity, a residential AC unit should ideally be serviced once every three months, while an office AC unit should be serviced annually. However, it is inconvenient to constantly book appointments and keep track of previous aircon service schedules. This is where a contract comes in handy for consistent maintenance.

Why Make Skyzone Your Choice Aircon Maintenance Provider in Singapore?

At Skyzone, we aim to offer top-quality aircon maintenance in Singapore at affordable prices. We offer AC maintenance packages for both residential and commercial customers. For residential packages, excluding one-time general services, we Skyzone has contract packages that consist of either a tri-yearly contract or a quarterly contract.

For more information on commercial packages, please do drop our friendly customer service consultants a call to inquire about subscription plans or visit our current commercial service and installation page.

What will our service contract cover?

Our scope of general services includes aircon panels, filters, blower wheels, and evaporator coils cleaning and the routine inspection of various components of the AC system to ensure that they are all operating properly. If defects or potential issues are detected, our technicians will advise you on repair or replacement options accordingly. Whatever your concern may be, our contracts may include some of these services depending on your preferences and needs.

Our aircon service contracts are specifically designed to provide clients with consistent and hygienic air indoors.

Get in touch and book a maintenance appointment in Singapore to extend your air conditioners’ lifespan and avoid the hassle of abrupt AC issues, repairs, or replacements.